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Praise for Culinary Art

“This book is gorgeous.”

–David Tamarkin, editor at Epicurious

“Each still-life image in Quebec photographer Marianne McEwen’s cookbook is like a portrait that affirms, yes, food can be art.”

–Susan Schwartz, The Montreal Gazette

“I am struck by the originality of Marianne’s photography — every bit as novel as Irving Penn’s famous photographs of frozen food. Congratulations on pulling off such an ambitious project. “

–John Harkey, photographer

Culinary Art 

Marianne McEwen recently published Culinary Art, a book that is both a cookbook and an art book.  It is a collection of some of the iconic recipes from the author’s childhood as well as her own culinary creations, however the images are not what you typically find in a cookbook. This is a cookbook in which the images portray not the recipes themselves, but rather still lives and abstractions made with simple ingredients. The result is a book in which the images and recipes stand on their own, but also play off one another beautifully when put together, pushing the boundaries of food photography into the sphere of art.  It is currently available on Amazon

Take a look here.